Balkaniyum – How To Connect Samsung Smart TV

Balkaniyum a channel streaming website that offers dramas and series and thousands of movies.

It can stream Live TV channels from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia on your computer.

Balkaniyum Tv HD provides streaming services from the Balkans region of Eastern and Southeastern Europe; it requires users to subscribe and link Roku to view the movies and shows.

Features of Balkaniyum TV:

  • Don’t miss your favorite shows because of the time difference between your and the Balkan time zone. If you are on the west or east coast of America, or the east coast of Australia, at 8 pm, for example, you can watch programs broadcast at 8 pm in the Balkans.
  • You can watch 24 hours live broadcast of television channels from the former Yugoslavia, just like via cable or satellite service, without the need for a satellite dish or cable connection in addition to Internet access.
  • You can follow your favorite programs at the same time as they were broadcast in the Balkans.
  • Watch a large selection of films and series from the former Yugoslav republics, anytime, anywhere.
  • Watch all live TV channels on your Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) as well as on fourth-generation Apple TVs.
  • If you own an LG SMART TV, install the BalkaniYUm app and enjoy programs from your living room without using a computer.
  • Watch all TV programs on your Roku device as well. BalkaniYUm application is available for Roku2, Roku3, Roku4, Roku Stick, Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere +, and Roku Ultra devices.

Installing the Samsung Smart TV

Search Balkaniyum TV App from your browser in Samsung Smart TV, then you will see the link and you can download Balkaniyum app easily.

Registering the Samsung Smart TV application

After installation, you need to register the application. Depending on the device you own, you will see one of two possible screens:

1: Registration code

If you are given a screen showing the registration code, you need to visit enter the registration code which is displayed on the screen of your TV (in the example in the picture on the left, it is the number 022-772-100).

After you receive confirmation that you have successfully connected your device, you need to wait up to half a minute for your TV to register this.

You access the registration code entry page and you must be logged in to your account.

2: Username and password

If you are given a screen with fields for entering your username and password, you need to enter the same data in the data fields you use to log in to your BalkaniYUm user account.

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