iCloud bypass DNS Free (2023)- How To Remove Activation Lock In iPhone

In this iCloud Bypass article, we will discuss how a person can easily remove theiCloudactivation lock if his/her iCloud account is locked, so stick ahead and follow the methods to bypass theiCloudActivation Lock For Free.

What is iCloud?

icloud settings

iCloudis a service that APPLE INC provides. It is a cloud storage and cloud computing service, and it usually contains all the data that an iPhone could have,iCloudcan store all of your photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more and keeps them updated across all your devices.

iCloudservices are currently the most reliable and most secured services, and it provides secure breaches to the content of its users

What is iCloud Account lock?

This is a security feature which is originally designed by Apple to prevent someone from using the Device without the original owner’s consent.

If the case is, the Device is stolen or lost, and the iCloud account locked out in the Device and it became unusable until the users provide valid credentials, which improves the actual owners’ chances of getting their Device back.

The Device’s hardware number and Apple ID’s are linked, and the information is securely stored in Apple ID secured servers, so it is not possible to break this security feature.

Sometimes people get confused between Screen Lock and iCloud Activation Lock, andscreen lock gets disableddueto multiple tries of wrong passwords while iCloud account locked out when the phone gets stolen or forsome other reason.

However, there are some of the legitimate cases where you can unlock the activation lock in your iPhone device.

Now, as we know now how the iCloud Activation lock works, we will be looking at two possible ways to iCloud bypass your Device.

1: Legal Solutions for iCloud Bypass

I will present to you guys the two cases that can most probably happen; the cases and their solutions are defined below.

  1. You are the owner of the Device and forgot the Passcode.
  2. You have bought a second-hand device, and you are stuck at an activation lock.
Case 1: You are the owner of the Device and Forgot the Email/Passcode:

If you have forgotten your Apple ID Passcode and don’t remember the Passcode anymore, follow these steps.

If you have forgotten Email

  1. Go toappleid.apple.com
  2. SelectForgot Apple ID or Passcode
  3. Click onLook It Up(if you no longer remember your Email ID)
  4. Provide the details (First Name, Last Name, Email address) and continue.

If you have forgotten Passcode

  1. Go toappleid.apple.com
  2. SelectForgot Apple ID or Passcode
  3. Enter your Email and click onContinue.
  4. Now click onDon’t have access to your phone, try the given options one by one.

If none of the options work out, don’t worry; you still have one option left: Apple Support; you can get the Apple support telephone number of your country from theApple Support Web page.

Please keep your device purchase invoice with you while calling Apple support; they may ask you the details about your Device and authenticate further.

Case 1:You have bought a Second-Hand device, and at Activation Lock

Now let’s look at the most famous case, which is, you bought a second-hand device, and you are stuck at the activation lock.

If the previous owner is with you or nearby, ask him/her to enter the credentials and UN-link his/her Device from theiriCloudaccount by doing the following steps.

Disable Find My iPhone From Device

  1. Go to theSettings
  2. Tap on yourname, and selectiCloud
  3. Scroll down and chooseFind My iPhone
  4. Now disableFind My iPhone
  5. Resetyour Device toResetgotoSettings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings.

Disable Find My iPhone From Computer

This method will only be work if the Device owner is not with you or the owner is far away from you.

  1. Go ToiCloud.com
  2. SelectFind iPhone
  3. Now, Click on All Device at the top of the page and select the particular Device
  4. Now, chooseErase iPhoneand follow the procedures.

At this point, you can now set up your Device as a new device, and you can legally create your own Apple iD in your Device.

2: Grey Hat Solution for iCloud Bypass

This solution is actually a trick, which lets us bypass the iCloud, although this solution only allows you to use some of the features from your iPhone, and it is just for educational purposes.

  1. Open Wi-Fi Settings

    Hold on side button and select More Wi-Fi Settings.

  2. Get into Connected Wi-Fi settings

    Select the connected Wi-Fi, and you will be in your Wi-Fi Settings.

  3. Configure IP

    Now, Click on Configure IP.

  4. Add Command in the Client ID

    Click on Client ID and insert this command according to your location.

    Note: Make sure to put the exact Command, you will get an error otherwise.


  5. Save the Settings

    Save the Settings and get back to main screen and Click on Continue.

  6. Add Command in Email Section and Set Password

    Once we reached the Apple iD Activation lock page, we need to add the command code again in the Email section.

    You might need to add the command manually and there is one problem which is the character that is needed to be in the command are not available in Apple English Keyboard.

    So, you need to change the keyboard language and check and find the characters that are
    needed to put in the command.

    To change the keyboard language,

    Hold Globe Button to Change Language

    Hold Globe Button to Change Language.

    Now add a password, the password is only one letter of space.

  7. Click Next After adding credentials

    When you will click next, you will be directed to the portal page.

  8. Add Credentials again

    Once you are directed to the portal page, you need to add any email or password.

  9. Click IDNS Portal

    Now make sure to click on IDNS Portal instead of Unlock with Passcode

    idns portal page

  10. You’re Done

    If you couldn’t complete the procedure just make sure you have added the exact command in credentials.


This solution is vastly available on the internet; the solution provider or the possible hacker may ask to configure their DNS servers.

They hide hides Apple’s trusted applications server and root the activation server to their private activation servers, providing temporarily limited and unsafe access to the device.

Credit Card or Personal info

They can even access personal information just like your Facebook account or credit card info.


There are significant restrictions, and you could not use the mobile network applications and other various features of the iPhone.

Temporary Solution

This method is temporary, and your device can again get locked after some weeks or in months.


We have studied two ways on how you can do iCloud bypass in your iPhone device, we have concluded the legal way to bypass iCloud and a grey hat solution that helps us to connect to a server where all the functionality happens for our iPhone.

I would recommend you to always go for a legal way for your problem, and the DNS Solution is only for educational purposes and it does not indicate anything other than that.

If you have any queries related to this article, you can comment down below.

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