How to Fix Start Menu Flickering in Windows 10

Start menu flickering in Windows 10 is a common error people can often experience.

Windows Start menu is a graphical user interface element used from the start of the Microsoft Operating System. It is an element of Windows used to provide ease to the users by providing the best experience to navigate and perform computer programs and applications on Windows Screen.

A start menu is an essential feature of Windows, and Microsoft has been updating the start Menu since the Windows release. Usually, a start menu is called a central launching point of Windows.

So, if a start menu stops working, it can create problems for the users to work on a Windows computer.

The most common Windows Start Menu problem is a message pop up writtenCritical Erroron it, and sometimes when that works out, we see our start menu starts flickering, which is annoying.

Cause of Start Menu Flickering in Windows 10

Start Menu can stop working for various reasons; the most likely to cause this issue is when your hard drive is incompatible with your driver software, or it can happen due to any applications.

So, I will describe how you can get rid of flickering issues with your start menu in some of the easiest ways, which are guaranteed to work.

How To Fix Start Menu Flickering in Windows 10?

These four solutions are most likely to solve your start menu problem, so please read and follow the steps carefully.

  1. Terminate Windows Shell Experience Host
  2. Uninstall Recently installed Application
  3. Update or install Driver

These workarounds will help you to resolve your problem by giving solutions.

Solution 1: Terminate Windows Shell Experience Host

Windows Shell Experience Host is a part of the Windows operating system, and it handles the responsibility to present visual graphical elements like Start Menu in a square windowed manner.

Disabling Windows Shell Experience Host

Disabling this feature may resolve to flicker your Windows Start Menu; follow the given steps;

  1. OpenTask Manager.ToopenTask Manager, PressCntrl+Shft+Escfrom your keyboard.
  2. When the Task Manager will appear on screen, click on More Details.

    Click on more details on task manager
  3. Click on theNametab underneath ofprocessestab to sort the background process from Z to A, in descending order.

    Click on Name tab underneath processes tab
  4. You will see one option there, “Windows Shell Experience Host.”
  5. Right-click on it, Then press the “End task.”

    End task
  6. After youEnd TasktheWindows Shell Experience Hostprocess, click on Start button and check whether the start menu still flickers or not.
The Error will now be fixed, if it has not keep going for the next Solutions.

Solution 2: Uninstall Recently installed Application

Maybe this flickering is caused by an app or software you have recently installed, which is not compatible with your system.

So, try to remember the time from when the flickering started.

Uninstalling the program

To uninstall a program, you need to go to the control panel, follow the given steps to uninstall a program.

  1. Right-click on the “Start” button.
  2. Type control panel and Go to the “Control Panel.”

    open control panel
  3. Go to “Uninstall a program.”

    Uninstall a program
  4. If you remember the date when flickering started, thenuninstall the previously installed programs.

    Uninstall third-party antivirus
The Error will now be fixed, if it has not keep going for the next Solutions.

Solution 3: Update or install Driver

The last thing you can do to solve the flickering issue is to update the driver for the graphic card.

Because you might have changed the graphics card on your computer, and the installed graphic driver does not support the new one, so updating the driver might help you resolve the start menu flickering in windows 10.

Update the Display adapters driver

  1. Right-click onThisPCicon.
  2. Now you need to Go to the “Properties” at the last option of ThisPC.

    go to thispc properties
  3. Then click on “Device Manager” from thepropertiestabs menu situated on the left sidebar.

    go to device manager
  4. Now once you go to “Device Manager,” expand the “Display Adapter.”

    Expand Display
  5. Now you can see the installed driver for your computer’s display adapter.
  6. To update this display adapter driver, what you need to do is right-click on it and click onUpdate driver software.”

    Update the driver
  7. Click on “Search Automatically for updated driver software,” windows will search automatically and update the driver.

    Search driver update automatically

If windows find the driver’s updated version, it will automatically download and install the driver.

Alternatively, you can also go to the website, manufacturer website, and download the display adapter’s driver.

Installing Driver Software Manually

To install driver software manually, download thedriver online; follow the steps below,

  1. If you have manually downloaded the driver for the display adapter, you can select“Browse my computer for driver software option”to install the driver manually.

    Browse Driver from computer
  2. Select the driver software by allocating.
  3. Restartyour computer.


This is how you fix the flickering problem in Windows 10 for the start menu; if you have any questions or any queries related to this article, you are always welcome to comment under this post.

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