What is Windows Powershell | Windows PowerShell VS Command Prompt

Windows PowerShell – Scripting Language Made Easy

Windows PowerShell is a scripting tool present in Windows Server 2008 R2, and it is also accessible through the %windir% environment variable.

Many users are unaware of its presence as most people think of it as nothing but a repetitive sequence of keystrokes or a long series of commands entered into the command prompt window.

Well, it is not. While the Windows Server can be viewed as a computer program, it is more of a set of mechanisms that allow an administrator to perform specific commands on the Command prompt window.

What is Windows PowerShell?

Windows PoweShell (Admin)
| Image Used Under CC License. Windows PowerShell (Admin)

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll know what Windows PowerShell is – and why it’s one of the most useful pieces of software on the system.

However, Windows PowerShell is tool automation and configuration manager in Microsoft, containing standard scripting language and a powerful command-line interface.

For anyone used to using Windows software, particularly Microsoft Windows server, Windows PowerShell is essentially an interactive login window for your computer, allowing users to perform administrative tasks such as installation, removal, updates and customizing software.

The beauty of this is that even if you don’t use any fancy software, Windows PowerShell will still help you make the most of your computing experience.

What is Windows PowerShell is used for?

| Image Used Under CC License. What is Windows PowerShell is used for?

What’s so great about using Windows PowerShell to automate software installations, customize user settings, and manage Windows server tasks?

Well, to start with, if you’ve ever used any other program that contained a “Help” or “Online Help” feature, then you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

You’ll be able toget-Command, get-Arguments, get-sources, get-Original SystematicCommand-Line, but more importantly, you’ll be able to do these and much more with the click of a button!

All thanks to the windows PowerShell interface, which makes it incredibly easy for any new user to manage these aspects of their computers by just using a simple click of the mouse.

Windows PowerShell VS Command Prompt

| Image Used Under CC License. Command-Prompt-VS-Windows-PowerShell

One of the major differences between the two is that you can use all sorts of Windows functions with PowerShell, both built-in and unique to the programming language.

For example, under PowerShell, there are built-in processes like Start, Stop, Go, and Sleep, which are almost always needed for every single computer user.

So, instead of having to type in commands like “start monitoring” or “log off” every time you stop your computer (because no computer has ever been so easy), what you can do is just right click on the “PowerShell” icon that’s located at the bottom left corner of your desktop or taskbar, click “start” and then “run.”

You can do whatever you want with that process.

Command Prompt is a very basic command-line interface for Windows that allows you to interact with Windows programs.

However, while running these Windows programs, they require you to type a long and complicated line of codes into windows.

With PowerShell, this is not necessary because you can type the command you want to be executed, click OK, and then the program will continue as if nothing happened.

And that’s the difference between the two. You can also get more advanced features in PowerShell, such as functions that allow you to replace a particular file or folder with another without knowing anything about that particular file or folder.

This feature is also a very basic feature but very useful in day-to-day use, but it’s not available in PowerShell.

There are quite a few differences between the two which are important to Windows users.

However, there isn’t much reason to learn either one of the tools for those new to windows and who need simple tools.

If you are going to use Powershell, you might as well go ahead and learn it since most people who use Powershell are used to using the command prompt.

In short, if you are looking for a basic means of automation, PowerShell is the way to go.

How to Download Windows PowerShell?

How to Download Windows PowerShell?
| Image Used Under CC License. How to Download Windows PowerShell?

Although Windows Powershell is installed already inside the Windows Operating, you can easily download Windows Powershell from the Microsoft website if you have uninstalled it by mistake or if you wanted to update your Windows Powershell.

Few steps to download Windows Powershell:

  • All versions of Windows Powershell is available to download from GitHub.
  • You can go to thislinkand download the zip file of your desired version of Windows Powershell.
  • Make sure to download the zip file which supports your computer’s architecture.

Once downloaded, complete all the basic steps of installation, and you are good to go!

How to Open Windows PowerShell?

How to Open Windows PowerShell
| Image Used Under CC License. How to Open Windows PowerShell?

There are several different ways to open Windows PowerShell on your computer, and you can easily open Windows PowerShell with the methods below:

1. From the Power Users Menu

Opening Windows PowerShell using Power User Menu
| Image Used Under CC License. Opening Windows PowerShell using Power User Menu.

This menu appears inside the taskbar of Windows, and you can pressWIN+Xto open the Power user menu and select the Windows Powershell out of the utilities and settings.

If you get confused betweenWindows PowershellandWindows PowerShell (Admin),don’t worry; I tell you what they are.

Windows PowerShell (Admin)is for the tasks which need to be performed using administrative privileges.

2. From the Run Box

Opening Windows Powershell From Run
| Image Used Under CC License. Opening Windows Powershell From Run
Type Windows Powershell and Hit Enter
| Image Used Under CC License. Type Windows PowerShell and Hit Enter

Windows PowerShell Tutorials?

| Image Used Under CC License. Tutorials

Who does not like to learn new things, and as you now know, Windows Powershell can do many things.

So, learning Windows PowerShell commands will make you tech-savvy.

Windows PowerShell tutorials will help you to build your Command-line skills on Windows PowerShell.

There are multiple platforms from where you can learn Windows PowerShell, such asMicrosoft,tutorials point, orguru99.

You can also watch video tutorials on platforms likeudemy,youtube,and many other sites.

Bottom Line

Windows PowerShell is a pretty powerful command-line scripting tool, which can do multiple things on a computer.

We have discussed the comparison between Windows PowerShell and another command-line scripting tool which is Command Prompt CMD.

You can also learn the skill of Windows PowerShell and can make money out of it.

So, this was our article, and if you think I have mistakenly done something uninformative, or if you have any queries about this article, you can comment on this article.

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