Avast Needs To Restart Your Computer

Avast needs to restart your computeris a commonly displayed notification after every change or updating in the software program.

Avast Antivirusis known for safe and cross-platform security features.

However, Avast Antivirus runs in the background to keep you from malware attackers.

But, you may sometimes see a notificationAvast needs to restart your computerout of nowhere.

Why does avast need to restart my computer?

You’re probably wondering why does it happen? When software (Avast) is installed for others’ security, it keeps popping up some notifications on your computer asking you to restart your computer.

Multiple reasons can cause this notification to occur out of nowhere.

Avast needs to restart your computer popup notification
| Image Used Under CC License. Avast needs to restart your computer

Avast is a giant software company that has to deal with the latest technology requirements and needs to face new challenges in the form of newviruses.

So, to deal with various new viruses, Avast has to stay updated to keep its users secure from deadly viruses inside a computer.

However, avast keeps updating from time to time, and when it gets updated, it would need a restart to assemble the files into the installation directory of the software program.

Therefore Avast would need to restart the computer.

If you are an avast beta user, you would see this notification more often than a usual user.

Can you Disable Avast Restart?

If you are wondering if there is a way to disable this popup notification from appearing, then, unfortunately, you might not be able to disable the restarts from your computer.

For instance, we may think that there is an option to disable avast restarts, then your software package will be outdated.

It can cause you to have malware that may be unknown to the current version of your system’s avast antivirus.

Therefore, you need to keep the avast antiviruses updated to cope with the latestvulnerabilitiesin your computer’s applications or even the operating system.

However, you can try a couple of options to get rid of the avast restart popup notification.

1. Customizing Update Settings

You can customize the update settings according to your requirement.

Follow the given method to customize your avast antivirus settings.

  • First, search avast and open it.
  • Now, click onMenu and thenSettings.

    Click on menu and then Settings
  • Select Update and click on “More Options“.

    Click on More Options

There are four options you can select to update your avast antivirus.

| Image Used Under CC License. Update Options
  • Automatic Update:Lets the software download the updates automatically.
  • Ask When Update is downloaded:Once the updates are downloaded, it will ask you to update.
  • Ask When an update is available:Whenever an update is available to download, it will ask first before downloading.
  • Manual Update:You can select this option if you want to update the avast only when you want.

2. Delay the Update timing:

You can easily delay the restart timing according to your needs, but make sure to save your work before doing that.

There are multiple options that you can try to delay the avast antivirus update.

Follow the steps below to delay the update time of avast antivirus.

  • Click on Remind Me Later.
  • Select the Delay time you want.
| Image Used Under CC License. Set Delay Time

Avast has recently added a new option inside the “remind me later” that isNext Century.

It means you will no longer see the annoying popup message, at least in the current century.

So, you can choose an option that is suited for you.

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus

If you think you are done with the Avast Antivirus, then you can uninstall Avast Antivirus by following the steps below:

  • Right-click onWindows Start Button.

    Right-click on Windows Power Button
  • SelectApps and Features.

    Click on Apps and Features
  • Now find avast, and click onUninstall.

    Click on Uninstall
  • Follow the prompts and complete the uninstallation procedure.

Once the Antivirus has been uninstalled,restartyour computer.


Avast Antivirus comes with two packages: free, and the other is paid, which is called Avast Premium, where you have to buy annually or bi-annually subscriptions.

It keeps updating to stay secure. Therefore you may see a restart popup notification on your computer, which is pretty annoying.

In this article, we have learned what possible ways to be made to get rid of restart popup notifications.

If you think I have missed something, make sure to comment on this article, or you can contact me by visiting thecontactpage.

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