What is the $av_asw folder and How to Get Rid of It?

$AV_ASW is something you don’t have to worry about, the reason I will tell you in this article with some use full explanation.

For instance, let’s think about what we do when there’s a problem regarding any computer matter.

We find out the roots of the error that are causing the error to appear on our machine.

Therefore, we will find out about $AV_ASW, what it is, and how we can get rid of $AV_ASW.

What is the $AV_ASW folder?

What is the $av_asw folder and How to Get Rid of It
| Image Used Under CC License. $AV_ASW Folder in C Drive

$av_asw $vault is a vault folder, and files in these kinds of folders are not meant to be viewed. They are most likely to store data files rather than media files.

This folder appears from time to time if you are using avast antivirus.

In any antivirus, $AV_ASW is quarantine files that prevent your computer from any harm.

What are Quarantine Files?

Normally when an antivirus finds something suspicious, it instantly not only deletes that file but also obliterates it so that no portion of the file exists on a hard drive.

When an antivirus finds or inspects some suspicious files, the antivirus places the suspect file in the quarantine folder.

Files being inside a quarantine folder, a file is stopped for further execution, so it does not have any chance to harm your computer.

Is $AV_ASW a Virus?

This folder holds Potentially unwanted and infected files that can cause your computer trouble, and it helps prevent any harm to your computer.

So, there is no need to worry about having this folder inside your computer’s hard drive.

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How to Get Rid of $AV_ASW?

This folder contains one file, which is the vault.DB, and it contains quarantine files.

Quarantine contains suspicious files, and keeping them in Quarantine means that they can restore and get back to the service if the files are no longer harmful.

You can also delete the quarantined files from your antivirus.

Follow the method below to delete quarantined files from your antivirus.

  1. OpenAvast Anti-Virus.
  2. Click onProtectionon the left panel.
  3. Now Click on the third option,Quarantine.

    How to open quarantine in Avast
  4. Select Allanddeletethe files.

    Delete Quarantine files

Once the files are deleted,restartyour computer to have a full refresh.

You can also add files into Quarantine if you think a file or a folder is suspicious.

  1. In theQuarantineOption, Click onAdd Files.

    Open Add Files
  2. Select the file you want toquarantine.

    Open and select files to quarantine
  3. And done.

The folder is now being quarantined and stopped for further execution.

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Bottom Line

Folders or files that start with any symbol most probably represent suspiciously, and the same thing is the $AV_ASW folder.

Most users get scared if this is a virus or not and if you have seen the $AV_ASW and are worried if this is a virus.

You don’t have to worry about this folder. It only contains suspicious files that can harm our computer and suspends further execution.

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