Media Creation Tool 1903- Upgrading and Installing Windows 10 Using Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool 1903 Download and learn How you can install and upgrade Windows.

I’m going to tell you how we can install Windows 10 usingMicrosoft’s media creation tool.

This article is more like a guide and just showing you the process of installing it.

But Let me clear you one thing.

It’s not always going to be the same on every computer.

But I am pretty sure that it will help you.

So use this as a guide to give you a bit of an idea of what will happen.

But most importantly, do not forget to backup any critical data.

Before We start Upgrading or Installing Windows 10 using The Media Creation Tool, You need to download Media Creation Tool first. Just read below,

Download Link For Media Creation Tool 1903:

You can download Media Creation Tool 1903 GPL Licensed from theMicrosoft website.

OR Copy the text below, and paste it on your browser.
| Image Used Under CC License.

As you can see, I have put the link on top of the Media Creation Tool 1903, where you can get Media Creation Tool 1903 Free.

So let’s get into this tutorial and see how we’ll go through the process.

So, from the desktop, open our browser.

Now on the Microsoft media creation tool page which I have put a link on top.

Then we’re going to choose between 32-bit and 64-bit most computers now running 64-bit.
I am running 32-bit, so that I will go with the 32-bit version.

| Image Used Under CC License.

By the way, It won’t let you run the wrong one.

Getting Started With Media Creation Tool 1903:

Once we are done with downloading the Media Creation Tool 1903.

We will run it; that’s going to bring up user account control and click “yes”to that.

| Image Used Under CC License.

Now the Windows 10 setup dialog box will open, and we need to select upgrade this PC now and then clickNext.

| Image Used Under CC License.

Now Windows 10 will start downloading, and you have to wait till it is completely downloaded.

But depending on the connection will depend on how long it’s going to take.

So once your download is finished, it will then be verified.

Then you’ll get a dialogue box saying that it’screating the Windows 10 media.

Then, Windows will prepare the files and get them all ready for the install process.

Once we hit 100%, Windows will check for any update to apply during the installation.

| Image Used Under CC License.

And then, it’ll check your system to make sure you’re ready to install Windows 10.

It will take longer on your computer than it will review several things.

Make sure you’ve got enough space on your PC to be able to install.

Then you’ll be given some other options, and you need to click on the“Next “option.

But when we’re doing an upgrade on this install.

We’re going to install Windows 10 Pro and keep files and apps. You can change the settings underneath, as you can see in this picture.

| Image Used Under CC License.

But for this article, I’m just going to concentrate on how we upgrade rather than how we do a clean install of Windows.

| Image Used Under CC License.

Your computer will restart a few times because it is a part of the process, and you don’t need to worry.
Now we start on the main upgrade of Windows.
It’s going to configure and check files, and it’s going to go through the whole installation process again.

| Image Used Under CC License.

This process may take a while, meantime relax.

Final Procedure:

So sometime later, we will be finishing the install.

You’ll see there we’ve got our account to login to and then clickNext.

| Image Used Under CC License.

This is going to give us a brief description of using Express settings.

| Image Used Under CC License.

If you want to“learn more”about it and see what you’re applying here, you can choose the option down there.

After setting up the settings, This is just going to show us a few different things that are new to Windows 10, and we click Next, and it’s going to finalize the settings.

So after that, we’ll find ourselves on the lock screen of Windows 10, soclickanywhere on the lock screen.

That’s going to take us to our login screen.

Where you will see your account, and you’ll notice that this is a Microsoft account.

| Image Used Under CC License.

I’m logging into my Microsoft Account, so all the settings should be there.

Windows will now do some final setup, and it says this won’t take long.

Well, time depends on your computer’s speed and performance, that you’re installing this on, and then once all that’s taken care of everything.

You’ll be on your Windows 10 desktop now.

So that’s a guide and a brief tutorial on how do we install Windows 10 using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool 1903.

I want to thank you for coming and read this article.

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