Astra Pro 2.7.3 – Extend Astra Theme With the Pro Addon


If you guys wondering what an Astra Pro is and how to download.

Actually it is a just paid plugin that extend the capabilities of Astra Theme and add more features in Astra Theme on WordPress.

Some might get in confusion between Astra and Astra Pro.

So Astra is a theme of WordPress and Astra Pro adds more features on Astra Theme like I told you before.

So after installing Astra Pro on your WordPress LMS, it enables more customization of Astra Theme for your web page.

So, first Lets talk about some of the features of Astra Pro which are defined below and then you would be able to download it.

Astra Pro Features:

Supports No jQuery:

To work properly and utilize all resources carefully and efficiently Astra Pro uses Vanilla JavaScript which renders impeding jQuery to give the outcome impressive.

Burden into equal parts seconds!

Astra has been built to perform rapidly and executes pretty quickly and its speed is brilliant, because it is the most lightweight Plugin, it loads just in under 0.5 seconds!

Under 50 KB Capability

Astra only requires assets which are just in under 50KB which is definitely better than most of the WordPress Plugins out here in market.

Fast and much Improved code

Astra improvised every bit of code according to the best guidelines of coding to improve and to execute more quicker than any other WordPress Plugin.

Best Designs

Astra not only concentrates on it’s quick execution but also focuses on better user experience and it provides one of the best designs for the header, footer, single pages, posts etc

Straightforward Header

Header is the first thing that is visible to a user, so Astra pro has pretty straightforward Header options.

Customizable Headers

Astra let their users to customize the header of any web page on their website, including logo and menu styles and much more.

Uber Menu

Make excellent formats with your number one page developer or drop in a shortcode to remember a design inside a uber menu for your site.

Fixed Sidebar

You have all in hand with Astra, you can even customize default sidebars of any webpage and make your site look more professionally built.

With Astro Pro you can get all ready made beautifully designed headers and footers for your website.

Sticky Header

By using Astra you will get a feature of sticky header, which is when user scrolls down on screen, the header will stick to the top of the webpage.

And Much More!

Demo or Buy:

Astra Pro 2.7.3 – Extend Astra Theme With the Pro Addon:

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Link for Astra Pro 2.7.3 – Extend Astra Theme With the Pro Addon:


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