Elementor Extras 2.2.49 – Addon for Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Extras is a child category of Elementor Page Builder, and Elementor Page Builder is a powerful page builder plugin that enables the capability and strength of a website; Elementor gives a boost to a website’s features.

With the Elementor Extras add-on, you can even increase the features of the Elementor, which is just tremendously impressive.

Elementor provides a wide variety of addons that enhance user experience and website design; some of the features are built-in, and many of the features are available on the Elementor site.

Among the set of various common add-ons previously existing on Elementor, Elementor Extras Addon guarantees to be characteristic and distinct within the Elementor customer support. Furthermore, at a more beginning stage of our quest to begin ourselves as Elementor Addons, the trail is challenging but encouraging.

Elementor Extra usually comes with more than 30 widgets and extensions which is precisely crafted, and Elementor Extra is updated regularly to get rid of uneasiness from the users and it is super customizable.

Let’s have a look and study more about the Elementor Extras Addon different free Elementor widget.

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Hotspots Widget

You can build excellent and responsive professional hotspots with extremely customizable tooltips and various customization choices. It may include area, many responsive trigger effects, range, and delay options provide Elementor’s most resilient hotspot widget. Create your hotspots and tooltips with comprehensive control over brightness, coloring, spacing, typography, and interactions.


You can use the slider to locate the tooltip wherever you require it.


Override specific hotspot ways, including the hover effects.

Pulse effect

Enable the pulse effect to attract attentiveness to the hotspots.

Posts extra

This addon post widget allows the users to move or interact within the content and it can post in any area, or you can change the order to get displayed on website’s pages or you can completely hide them, this gives an ability to design your post as you like, with endless possibilities.

Gallery slider

The Elementor Extras Addon’s Gallery Slider widget is amazed with more than you can imagine, It includes effects, subtitles, lightbox integration, and several more advantages for you.

For every breakpoint you can put the thumbnail to the left or right of the slider.

The Spacing, rows arrangements are easily adjustable.

Switcher Widget

Switch among pictures and text with more than 25 exciting JavaScript-driven developments, visual flow timers, and many design feasibility. With more than 25 unique transitions for both photos and text, switchers will create an impression. Merge them and fascinate visitors.

The Switcher widget catches full support of the new parallax options that trigger component flow based on the mouse pointer’s position.

Off-canvas Widget

Use Elementor’s Offcanvas widget to build mobile navigation or capturing the content on the particular page.

You can easily open the content and establish the needed trigger. Examine the menu at the head right.

Elementor’s Offcanvas widget carries any content. Pick from preserved segments, global widgets, pages, or custom WordPress sidebars to showcase in panels outside the canvas.

Age Gate Widget

With the Age Gate widget’s help, you can build a wall for people’s specific age to not get into your website.

Characteristic of Age Gate Widget

  • Use the global templates to restrict access to the whole site
  • Set your target or required age
  • Completely customizable forms and texts
  • Popup with the support to customization of its position and width

Audio player

With the approach of video players, Extra’s new audio player widget gets along. It is ideal for playlist support, and also it is 100% customizable podcasts.

Easy to use playlist

You can easily add any files as you need them; with the playlists, users can select the playlists icon to hide what will be getting played.

Search Form widget

Elementor search widget
Photo: Elementor

Elementor’s new search widget gives the visitor’s the ability to search through your website.

You can restrict the search results with the help of display filters to get a better user experience.

You can quickly Build individual result pages using Elementor’s theme builder.

Search target

If you want more visitors to search on certain types of posts or taxonomic terms, you can easily do this with this add-on.

Search target feature allows you to create a different kind of search form on every and every content on your site; you can also change the restriction filter to select where to search and where to not.

Advanced search filters

Replace the filter that visitors use whenever searching for content to get restricted.

You can visualise any filter underneath the form or inline. When displayed below the form, you can essentially pick from checkboxes and radio buttons as filter field types.


Elementor popup widget
Photo: Elementor

With this single widget, user can quickly build any popups.

It includes the best support for having custom selectors and custom triggers to close and open Elementor templates and popups.

You can easily add text pictures, content, videos, Elementor sections, global widgets, and also the pages to the popup content.

Support Trigger on scroll

A popup will get triggered whenever the user scrolls through multiple pixels.

You can pick the scroll position from the menu that will trigger the popup whenever it gets scrolls.


You can adjust the popup time to appear on the user’s display screen; this will set based on when users are most likely to interact with the page.

Close selector

You can define a close button for the popup template or popup content with a selector’s help.

Close icon

The close icon can easily get placed on the outside, inside, top, bottom, left, and right of the Popup template or content.

Image comparison

Image comparison lets you to compare an image with its predecessor and its later versions.

It can easily organize your artwork in an image with the help of it features.

It also supports the comparison image to be displayed in vertical or horizontal options.

You can swipe up and down or swipe left and right on the customizable handler to sight the earlier and subsequent versions of the image. A truly magnificent widget to have if you are engaging a photo editing job.

Calendar Widget

Elementor’s calendar widget is en essential add-on for most of the users, it can access the dates from the Toolset, ACF and Pods to display calendar on different post types.

The calendar widget for Elementor is great for viewing posts, past and coming events, programs, and more. You can further attach your custom entries instantly to Elementor.

Additionally, Elementor’s calendar widget has various settings options. You can select the first date, the earliest month, and the current month of the week to get publicized; you can disable the next dates or click to allow moving to the prior and following period, and day label is also customizable.


Elementor is the best option to increase the functionality and user experience.
It provides the best add-on widgets which help creativity to reach the next level.
Elementor is available for free, and if you want to download the free version, you can easily find Elementor on the WordPress repository.
If you want to use the Elementor Pro, you can buy the Elementor pro from the developer’s site.
This provided copy of Elementor is for educational and testing purposes, and we do not encourage our visitors to use this provided file for professional purposes.
We highly recommend you use the paid version to stay safe from exploitation and for the best experience.

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