AmyMovie v3.5.0- Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme


AmyMovie Theme is specially made for Websites that are based on movies or films and series.

AmyMovie has built with the most light weight code and it is fully attractive and functional and fully responsive Theme.

With the easy user interface, the users can easily import any data from IMDb anf TMDb websites.

Moreover, with gorgeous showtime highlights, company can undergo just some seconds to get the Film Schedules within the varied movies.

Features and Options of AmyMovie v3.5.0- Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme:

  • With the AmyMovies you can build custom webpages on your own without having any coding skills.
  • It is also integrated with IMDb and TMDb, you can import data from these sites.
  • There is every thing in your under control, side width, sidebars and much more.
  • There are 3 header and footer styles so you can customize in your way and make your website more attractive.
  • It has the support of five types of modules, so you can add any module, such as Text, link etc.
  • You can easily get custom links for the movies and films or any series just right away.
  • AmyMovie supports 3 kinds of layouts for the blog pages, you can choose whatever you like.
  • For default the color orange is set, but if you would like to change the skin color you can definitely change the skin colors.
  • Supports configuration of global title pages by changing background.
  • It also supports Google Fonts.
  • You can decide the layout for global featured movies easily and can show anything on it or behind it.
  • User can also share the movies or content on social media, because it is also integrated with the social media, i.e Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pintrest.
  • You can easily create the size of images.
  • If you have knowledge about coding, you can add custom code and CSS code to make your site in your own way.

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AmyMovie v3.5.0- Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme :

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