What is Videofly – Video Sharing & Portal Theme and how to download it.


Videofly theme has developed by the great developers team and a very well known team which not only creates WordPress themes but also WordPress plugins.

The hardworking team is called TouchSize.

The company is right now the leading WordPress developer in market and known for the quality and experience.

If you want to use more WordPress items from touchsize company then you should visit their website.

Videofly is a simply developed WordPress theme that automatically adds videos or even the users can add videos.

If you are looking for a good functional videos websites then you should definitely use videofly.

Because it comes with lots of layouts and options and features.

This theme is definitely for you if you are planning to start a video blog, podcasts, video tutorial or any video related content website.

Videofly WordPress Theme Features:

Submission on front end:

The users of your website can even add their own video with it’s to the point user interface.

They can do all these things without getting access to the admin dashboard.

Supports sticky sidebars:

You can add any content on your page’s sidebar, even when you scroll, the content will stick to the screen.

You can also place advertisement to your users and by sticky sidebar you can make it look vibrant.

Supports Pre-roll advertisements:

Videofly also enables us to monetize our video, every video can run a pre rolled ad before starting any video.

This function works on desktops and it is still not available for mobile devices yet.

Text over advertisements:

If you do not really want to put pre roll videos before videos starts, you can display a text ad on your video.

Which actually not really annoying and more friendly with the users.

This has also yet not functional on mobile devices.

Supports Image Over advertisements:

If you don’t want to use the both that mentioned above, you can simply add a picture ad on your video.

It is just that simple as that.

Unfortunately this feature also not functional on mobile devices but it can be functional in next updates soon.

If you want to see more features of Videofly theme, you can go to the link mentioned below.

Demo or Buy:


Videofly – Video Sharing & Portal Theme:

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