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XTheme is one of the best Selling Theme on themforest, because of its SEO Optimized pages and responsiveness.

XTheme Features:


X incorporates numerous interesting plans within one incredible WordPress Theme.

So XTheme refers to these as “Stacks”, so there are 4 kinds of stacks available in XTheme.

So, if you buy this product you are probably going to get these ready made designs from the stacks.

They have also made the demo where you can see the product before buying it.


Easily expand upon the firm establishment X has just given a fantastic arrangement of extra modules.

So the Extentions have been designed to work within the plugin by the staff of XTheme.

So, to work and present the XTheme more properly they have also partnered with plenty of other developers to run XTheme smoothly with any other third party plugin.

You should definitely lookup to these extension before buying it.


So, XTheme has been builted with the recommendation of many industry leads personalities.

They asked them what feature they would like in a theme according to their point of view.

Most of them provided their point of view according to their knowledge with respect to SEO, design, feature set etc.

So, Xtheme developers reached to multiple individuals to make their product a success.

So, despite of promoting it, XTheme does conveys it’s message and guarantees to the people.

XTheme Options Panel:

  • You can choice on Stacks (Integrity, Renew, Icon, or Ethos).
  • You can also choose Site format (fullwidth or boxed).
  • Choose max width on site.
  • You can select site width in percentage.
  • It supports Content design with fully customization.
  • Can change background color.
  • Endless Stack-explicit choices
  • You can enable theme’s custom fonts according to your desire.
  • Can style Logo with multiple tools available.
  • Styling of Nav Bar with changing of colors and also change the colours of hovering on navbar.
  • You can also customize the Heading the way you like.
  • Body colors options with font customization
  • Can change link colors and hover colors easily!
  • Multiple Button styles available i.e 3D and more!

Demo or Buy FOR XTheme:



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