7 Useful Mac Tips and Tricks If You’re Using a Mac

If you have recently shifted from a Windows device to a Mac and now you are using a Mac, then there is a fair chance that you would struggle for the first few days because the interface is different from what you are used to.

But, as much time you spend with your MacBook, you’d realize how smooth and efficient the entire process is.

In a nutshell, Mac is a device that makes your life more accessible due to multiple reasons, and it should not take too long before you notice it.

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To help speed that up, here are some valuable tips.

Tip 1: Screenshots in Macbook:

There are many folks out there searching for how to screenshot on MacBook, there are many techniques and shortcuts that can be used to capture the screen in your MacBook.

These tutorials show how to take screenshots in Macbook using Mac OS X. It takes just minutes for someone to take a screenshot in Macbook.

1. Command-Shift-3:

This MacBook keyboard shortcut is able to capture the full screen of your MacBook.

2. Shift-Command-4:

With this keyboard shortcut, you can move your cursor to any portion of your MacBook’s screen.

Tip 2: Reduce Mac Fan Noise

It would be a lie to say that Mac is like a god, and there is nothing that can scale down the workability of a MacBook.

The internal fans produce theMac noise, and this is the most common problem that users face in their MacBooks,

There can be multiple reasons that can add to your problem of excessive fan noise, but here are a few standard solutions that you can try out:

  • Upgrade your air circulations.
  • Look for malware.
  • Free up system resources.
  • Run some tests.
  • Free up driver space and more.

Please do not believe that a Mac can never be infected with malware; it is wrong because it is a common myth.

Tip 3: Discover Siri

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If you think about the statistics, then you’dunderstand that Siriis by far one of the best digital assistants around.

It has been around since 2009 and continues to receive new features with each major update to the iOS and macOS.

You can talk to other virtual assistants and realize how Siri can always understand your queries and commands and work with brilliance.

The best part is that if you can set up your home with intelligent lights, Siri can even switch off the lights for you.

Starting from making a video call to planning your schedule, Siri can do everything and more for you!

Tip 4: Find a Meaning of Any Word

Regardless of the off chance that you go over an obscure term in a text document, an application, or your program, you can hit Command + D to look for its meaning in Apple’s very own dictionary.

This in-fabricated reference device will assist you with extending your jargon both in your local or unknown dialect.

Tip 5: Use Three Fingers to Open Pages and Folders

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Unlike Windows, you do not have to take your mouse and double click on the folder you want to work with.

You can quickly swipe your three fingers on the OS to get a birds-eye view of all the recent folders you might have been working on.

Just tap on the folder and start working.

Tip 6:Pinch to Zoom, Two Fingers to Scroll

The Mac trackpad is large enough to provide ample space, rest, and movement for your two fingers.

Just imagine your MacBook trackpad like a Mobile device and start following the same rhythm.

You can zoom any and every page by just pinching the trackpad with your two fingers.

If you want to scroll your page, hover the mouse on that area and scroll to any part of the page using your two fingers at once.

The page will never be unresponsive even if the screen is split, which is a common issue with Windows users.

Tip 7:Sync Your Other Device

If you are someone who has a hectic job, like a digital marketer who requires to be connected with the device 24/7, then a MacBook will ease up your life.

Since you need to scroll the web a lot and it is not always possible to be close to your Mac, you are bound to use your phone.

But, if you sync other devices,such as an iPhone, with the MacBook, and create a mini-ecosystem, then you can quickly retract your mobile browsing history to your Mac with zero effort at all.

The Apple ID, which is created when you buy a device, remains universal at all times.

So, technically you have one ID, and you can use multiple devices with different modes of accessibility.

Summing Up

If you own a Mac, get ready to experience a world-class vicinity just inside a 13-inch screen.

Apple products are indeed a pleasure to work on. Unlike other brands that stack multiple features to attract customers, Apple believes that satisfying the customers will return investment.

You can take up any laptop this time and compare it with a Macbook if you want to see the difference. Your Macbook has a lot more features that you are yet to discover.

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