9 Most Amazing iPhone Productivity Tips You Must Learn – 2021

You might be using your iPhone for quite some time now and have become well familiar with the features it offers.

But do you know your iPhone is more powerful than you might think and integrates features that you may or may not be aware of?

Once you know about it, you will become a power user, as these tips will enhance your productivity by boosting your iPhone’s performance.

1. Receive Calls & Text on Other Apple Devices

One of the most compelling features of the iPhone devices is that it integrates seamlessly with Apple devices, including iPad, Mac, MacBook, and Apple Watch.

To answer calls and reply to text messages from your laptop or other Apple devices, tap Settings, click Phone or Messages, select Text Message Forwarding or Allow Calls on other Devices, and select the device on which you use want to receive calls and text messages on.

2. Transfer mp3 to iPhone on Mac

MP3 is a popular music format, but iTunes (Music) has been using its native AAC format as it is known to deliver higher sound quality at the same bit rate speed as MP3. macOS allows you tocopy mp3 to iPhoneusing built-in apps and features.

However, you will have to connect your iPhone to your Mac or MacBook via a USB cable.

3. Improve the Timeout Period of Audio Messages

So your iMessage Chat keeps disappearing, and you want to increase the message expiry timeline from a 2-minute timeout to forever.

Go to Settings, tap on Messages, click Audio Messages, click Expire, and choose Never.

By default, this setting is adjusted to a 2-minute timeout, due to which the message disappears after the specified time limit.

4. Capture Captivating & Attractive Sofie

Yes, you read it right – Sofie. Your iPhone comprises a new feature that allows you to capture slow-motion video clips at 120 fps (frames per second).

To create your first Slofie, open the Camera app on your iPhone, flip to the front-facing camera, swipe rightwards, and stay active until Slo-mo gets highlighted in yellow.

Once you are okay with your camera angle and settings, tap the record button to start video recording.

5. Recover Passcodes & Enable Self Destruct

If you forgot yoursmartphone’s passcode, you might try to run it in recovery mode.

Also, connect your iPhone to Mac and turn it off. The iPhone can erase all data after sensing ten failed login attempts, so be careful while entering the passcodes.

After the fifth failed login attempt, iOS will need a 60 seconds timeout before proceeding further with the retrying process. This timeout duration will continue to increase on each subsequent failed attempt.

6. Adjust Volume Faster from Touchscreen

If you find it annoying to adjust the volume rocker available on the side of the iPhone devices, you can do it from the touchscreen gestures.

To do this, push the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone device as you usually do to adjust the volume.

You can drag your index finger on the volume indicator on the touchscreen rather than pushing the buttons physically.

7. Record Videos Efficiently

Next time when you require to capture a moment just instantly, you can skip navigating to the video mode in the Camera app on your iPhone. Instead, open the Camera and hold down the shutter button to start capturing video.

Once the recording completes, release the thumb and save the video with the appropriate name in your iPhone.

8. Eliminate App Size Limitations

So when you download an app from the Apple App Store, you might not realize the data volume that the installation process might be consuming.

Your iPhone includes a feature that prevents you from crossing that data limit, but you can easily remove the download limit cap by disabling it.

Go to Settings, select iTunes & App Store, click App Downloads, and tap Disable the Limit.

8. Ask Siri to Play Live Radio

iOS 13 iPhone devices will allow you to ask Siri to play the trendy or your favourite Radio station.

Activate Siri by holding down the power button or say “Hey Siri” to activate it. Then say: “Siri, play the radio station” by adding the name of the station that you want to listen to.

9. Enable Dark Mode on iPhone

The Dark Mode feature available on iPhones running over iOS 13 makes the screen display darker, and all the background interfaces turn black.

It gives an all-new appearance to your iPhone, and it doesn’t strain your eyes. Turning theDark Modeon is quite simple; say, “Hey Siri, turn on Dark Mode.” Alternatively, tap Settings, click Display & Brightness, select Dark Mode, and you are all set to go.

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