Windows 11 or Windows 10x? – How to download? windows 11 release date!

Windows 11 will be the latest Windows version after Windows 10.

But What we are going to get from Microsoft is that, they have no plans yet to release Windows 11.

So, the interesting fact is that Windows 10x is going to be released this year instead of Windows 11.

Windows Operating System Builds history :

Windows is actually a series of Operating systems which is developed by Microsoft.

In each version, Microsoft changes some security improvement and user interface, and much more.

So, the previous versions of Microsoft Windows are:

Windows 3.0 (1990), Windows 3.1 (1992), Windows 95 (1995), Windows 98 (1998), Windows Me (2000), Windows XP (2001), Windows Vista (2006), Windows 7(2009), Windows 8.1(2013) and Windows 10 running from 2015.

It has been used widely all around the globe for the past two decades.

The most Updated version of Microsoft Windows is “Windows 10″(Which gets regularly update) and it has many editions in it.

Which Version of Windows is coming, Windows 10x or Windows 11 :

Windows 10x were released back in 2019 for dual-screen devices as an operating System.

But now Windows has changed its direction towards laptops.

So, it will be also running on laptops and PCs.

As we now know that Microsoft has been building Windows latest version for pretty long time.

Windows 11 is yet to be announced by Microsoft about its release.

But some leaks of Microsoft have shown up that Windows 10x is going to be released instead of Windows 11.

The final end building OS is leaked online and available to download on devices.

Windows 11 Release Date :

There are many sources on internet describing the wrong Windows 11 release date but there is no any legit confirmation from Microsoft officials yet.

The Windows 11 release date will be posted on official Windows Blog, If there will be any updates on Windows 11.

So, only Microsoft can answer about when will windows 11 come out.

Microsoft seems to following the foot steps of Apple IOS versions to release subsequent version of Windows.

For now Microsoft is going to be releasing a new version of Windows 10 Which is Called Windows 10x.

Features of Windows 10x :

Windows is planning to launch Windows 10x soon this year with devices Microsoft partners, Beta version could have many bugs in it because it is just for testing purposes.

Beta version or “not-final build” has leaked online, for this version what feature we have analyzed is mentioned down below.

Set Up Screen :

Windows 10x has now more sleek and simple looking set up screen.

The major change is that Cortana won’t annoy you between setting up your PC.

Windows 11
| Image Used Under CC License.
Windows 11
| Image Used Under CC License.
Windows 11
| Image Used Under CC License.

Start Menu :

The biggest change in Window 10x so far is the new Start Menu.

The Start Menu has been replaced by the new static app that is now being called as “Launcher”.

Windows 11
| Image Used Under CC License.

So you would never see that bottom left start push button transition in new Windows 10x.

Notifications Center :

Windows 10x is now coming with the brand new and amazingly looking Notifications Center.

The functionality is actually is same as from previous, but the visual experience is much better and sleek looking now.

windows 11
| Image Used Under CC License.

Notification Center has the same layout of quick action buttons inside it like, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flight mode, location, etc and a new feature to adjust the volume of your device, customization is also available in the settings.

File Explorer :

We can see now apparently this is a recent image of a dark version obviously of the file explorer in windows 10x.

Windows 11
| Image Used Under CC License.

As you can see it is very much more simple looking and minimal than what we know our file explorer to be in the current version of windows 10.

Security :

There is definitely major security improvements in Windows 10x and it is most secure version of Microsoft Windows, one of the main reason is that they have approached the “containers”.

Due to Microsoft’s approach to the Containers, the OS will be separated from other software or hardware drivers and malware, It will definitely cut the risks of user’s privacy exploiting.

How to install windows 10x in your PC:

Windows 10x is not available for stable release it is in development phase and to sum it up it cannot run some applications.

So, I would suggest you to install it virtually in your PC, if you want to just upgrade your Windows you can learn here.

To install you need to install the Oracle VM Virtual Screen, and set it up according to your configuration to Windows 10x, you can watch the video below, it will demonstrate you to install Windows 10x.

Here is a video demonstrated on how to install Windows 10x on emulator in your laptop or computer.

Minimum Requirements:

According to Microsoft official website:

Hardware requirements:

Processor: 64bit CPU with 4 Cores (All 4 cores will be dedicated to the emulator).


A minimum of 8GB minimum (16GB Recommended).

4 GB RAM will be taken by the emulator.


15 GB of free disk space for VHDX + diff disk, SSD recommended.


Hyper-V enabled and dedicated GPU (Supports DirectX 11.0 or later and WDDM 2.4 graphics driver or later).

by Microsoft INC.

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