3 Easiest Ways to Fix Windows Update error KB2267602

KB2267602 is a downloadable update patch for windows 10.


KB2267602 can be interrupted for various reasons, and we will go through all of them and find out the solution in this article.

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How to fix Windows Update error KB2267602?

This tutorial will be easy to perform even if you are not technical savvy.

However, to fix the Windows Update error KB2267602, follow the steps and methods below:

  1. Click on search and type “services.msc“.
  2. Open the top result.

    open services app as an administrator

  3. A new window ofWindows serviceswill open.
  4. Now findWindows update.

    search Windows update

  5. Right-click onWindows updateand click onStop.

    Stop Windows Update service

This method will stop windows from updating automatically.

Once we stop the Windows updates, the next step is to delete the cache files of previously downloaded patches of Windows Update KB2267602.

To be able to do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on search and type “Run” or pressWin+RKeys.
  2. Open Run and type this directory:%windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore

    Type - %windir%SoftwareDistributionDataStore and hit OK

  3. Now delete all the folders and files inside that directory.

Next, we have to start the Windows update service from Windows Services again.

Follow the steps below:

  1. OpenWindows Servicesas we did to stop the services.
  2. Now, FindWindows Update.
  3. Right Click onWindows Updateand click onStartto start Windows Update services again.

    Start the Windows update services

Once the process is done, go to thesettings, goto theWindows Updates and Security, and click onCheck for updates.

Windows will start downloading the new update.

Try the following steps if the issue is still there and you cannot solve theKB2267602error on your Windows 10.

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Delete or Disable Antivirus

Usually, antiviruses are meant to protect the computer from malware and viruses.

And these viruses usually come from the internet.

So if you have installed antivirus, then that antivirus might have detected that windows update as a threat or virus, but that use to be a mistake only.

However, if you can’t fix the KB2267602, you can try disabling your antivirus for some time.

Disable Antivirus

Perform SFC scan

SFC scan is usually used to check and repair files that get damaged or corrupted during installation.

You can try an SFC Scan to fix corrupted files in your windows:

  1. OpenCommand Promptas anAdministrator.

    Run CMD as administrator

  2. Typesfc/scannowand hit enter.

    sfc-scannow command

  3. This process will take some time.
  4. Once the process is done, restart your computer.

Now check for updates and see if the error is still there or fixed.


KB2267602 error can be solved in many ways, as shown in this article.

If you are still facing this error while installing Windows updates, you can try the solutions on this page.

You will find a way to get rid of this error.

If you still could not figure it out, you can comment under this post.

We will respond to your query as soon as possible, and you can also contact us through oursupport team.

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